Ladies ‘Optimal Performance’ seminar

Dedicated to lady golfers of all abilities this informative seminar reveals key components to gaining greater enjoyment, consistency and confidence.

Welcoming lady golfers of all abilities

  • The Magic Answer - What really is the ‘magic answer?!’ Finding the key to becoming your own coach
  • The Power Sources - How can I consistently hit the ball further? Optimising and understanding how the female physiology impacts distance
  • Ahead in the game - Maximise your enjoyment, confidence and potential. Breaking destructive patterns and habits on the golf course.
  • Avoiding the mid round slump! - Understanding the key benefits of a golf specific nutrition and fitness programme for lady golfers. 

Upcoming Dates: Sunday 22nd January 2017 - 10am to 12.30pm

Price: £25 pp includes coffee and refreshments

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