Online Booking Now Available!

We are delighted to have online booking now available.  You can choose from one to one lessons, choose a coach and find available slots or you can book onto our group programmes and clinics.

You can also purchase vouchers and packages, you'll then have voucher codes added to your account to use at check out. 

Please follow one of the steps to create an account and / or to book or if you have an account please click Book Online below:

Sign Upclick here

You can simply create an account, you then can log into the web platform or the app.

Student Benefits include:

  • Book and pay for lessons and vouchers online

  • Communicate with Coach

  • Track lesson and game progress

You can download our App in the App Store, this makes it even easier to book and pay for lessons as well as keeping track of all your lessons and game.

Book a lesson and create a lesson at the same time!

Simply click here and go through the booking steps, at check out you can create an account and book a lesson in one go.  You'll receive email confirmations with your account log in details and also the lesson information you booked.

If you would like to ask any questions or need help please complete the form below:

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