Would you like to reduce your handicap or scoring average by 25% this year?

The 25 in 12 Programme is your answer!

The goal with any golfer who completes the 6 month programme (although you are allowed 12 months to achieve the goal) is to reduce your handicap by at least 25%. So a for example a 24 handicap would reach 18 and a 12 handicap would reach single figures.

The 25 in 12 programme reduces your handicap in the quickest way possible with two simple steps.

1. The first is to know your game well enough so that we can teach you to make decisions on the course based on what you do instead of what you believe you should do.

2017 Student Testimonials
“I went from being unable to break 110 to shooting an 85 before the year was up.”

“Having started the year with a 21 handicap that I couldn’t play to, I finished off 14.”

2. The second is to identify which skills would benefit your scores the most if improved so we can guarantee there is no wasted practice time and that all of your practice will have the greatest impact possible.

The 25 in 12 programme involves a session every 2 weeks for 6 months alternating between skill development lessons on the most relevant areas of your game and a playing lesson where you learn to implement your improved skills, make the correct decisions during the round and assess the full game to decide on what is to be worked on next.

All academy sessions include access to Trackman coaching/fitting suites so we can measure swing characteristics being changed and also to ensure our game plans will be based on accurate club distances and dispersions.

On course performance will be recorded on specially designed cards for post round review.

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